Steer Clear of Weebly

I was recently contacted by a client who had received an unexpected bill from Weebly. It wasn't immediately clear what the bill was for or why it was being charged at that time. In the end the client and I have decided to leave Weebly because the general feeling I came away with was 'sketchy'. I don't currently have any business with Square payments, but as Weebly's parent company, I won't be using them in the future either.

The client has a small website, just a few static pages, for her small business. Weebly lets you build and host a site for free. If you register your domain through Weebly they will let you use your custom domain on your free site. You can register your domain elsewhere, but then you need to have a paid Weebly account to use a custom domain. Weebly charges $19.95 for a one year registration or $33.90 for two years. This is expensive for registration, but considering the free hosting not a bad deal overall.


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