Handcrafted Artisanal Star Wars Podcast Feed

I've been an audio storytelling fan for as long as I can remember. I used to love listening to Dick Estell read books in the early 1990's and then fall asleep listening to Old Time Radio episodes of Superman, Dragnet, or Gunsmoke. NPR and podcasts were an obvious match as I got older.

Today I listen to basically all of my spoken audio in my podcast app where I can download and listen offline while walking the dog or driving. I've often thought about building something to turn Archive.org Old Time Radio shows into a feed I could play in my podcast app. You can download them (a hassle) or stream them (not for me) from the website, but I think getting them one at a time as they were originally broadcast would be fun. Maybe I'll build that in the future.

Recently I saw this post on Boing Boing about NPR produced radio dramas of the original three movies. And in one of the nerdier things I've done recently I followed the RSS 2.0 spec and cobbled together my own handcrafted artisanal podcast feeds for the episodes. It isn't like a podcast because all of the episodes are available immediately and it is entirely bare bones (no cover art, descriptions, etc), but it was a good first taste at creating a feed (although technically it seems like Atom is the better choice).

Feel free to grab the feeds for your own listening enjoyment. On my Android phone I just tap the link and tell it to open in my podcast app and it gets added and the first episode downloaded immediately.


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